Greg Kiss was born in 1975 in Budapest / Hungary. He discovered early his creativity in arts. Since 1990, Greg worked intensively on his photography skills, first mainly on landscape photography, and later he expanded his portfolio to include travel photography, portraits and architectural photography. Greg is on the track for the beauty of our earth. He is looking for unusual destinations, taking long walks and little sleep to present nature in best light. His pictures are never spontaneous, usually planned and always without taking any damage to nature. He returns to the most places after a few hours or the next day again, because the light has become better or because a new idea came to his mind. In his enthusiasm for what he photographs, he shows that he loves nature in all its facets.

Greg's timelapse video "MUNICH IN MOTION" became a popular viral video on Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook & Co. with over half a million views in a couple of days in early 2013. His work has been published or licensed by the following companies: Air New Zealand, Deutsche Welle, FC Bayern,, GettyImages, Huffington Post, Luxury Travel, Muenchner Merkur, Quantas, Sat.1 Bayern, Spiegel Online, The Daily, tz, Undercover, Virgin Australia, Visit Iceland, WealthCap, ZDFinfo.